Frachadil Farm History

There are records of farming back to the mid 1600's when Frachadil was part of the township of Innivea.
The other parts being Calgary and Mornish.



By 1817 Captain Allan McKaskill of the Talisker brewery family from Skye was the proprietor of Mornish estate and initiated the building of Calgary Castle. His estate included this farm.
In 1877, the farm appears on a map with its present buildings in place.
The farm was productive until the early 1970's.
There are several older people born and brought up here who played with the Calgary ponies and recall the ploughing competitions which were led by the Clydesdale horses. One lived here and we have his shoes to prove it!

In the earlier part of the century, the farm was home to a family of skilled shepherds.
Regrettably, they lost two sons in the first world war.
They are commemorated in Kilmore church, Dervaig.
Having been a free farm during the 1800's the first World War saw the sale of the farm to the Department of Agriculture. During the 1950's it was also a post office.
As far as I can tell Frachadil means Spear Dale.